Common Sense

stock-footage--we-the-people-background-with-us-flag-and-old-ship (1)How would you feel if your 14 year old child was suspended and subsequently arrested for bringing to school a “clock” project in a suitcase that just happened to look like a bomb? I know how I would feel…mad, pissed off with a case of the butt! I would be stomping my feet, pulling out my hair and screaming from the top of my lungs….I HAVE FAILED!  MY CHILD HAS NO COMMON SENSE! SOMEBODY SHOOT ME! I mean, the last thing I would want would be to have to go to the Whitehouse or take a worldwide tour with the little knucklehead after a stunt like that. I’m pretty po’d that this delinquent kid Ahmed Mohamed (who has a history of behavior issues) has become a hero and even more appalled that he and his parents are suing the city of Irving Texas for $10 Million and attempting to extort the School district for $5 Million…because, as their Attorney stated, “…the responsible adults involved irrationally assumed that Ahmed was dangerous because of his race, national origin and religion.”  No stupid! It looked like a BOMB and the in case you haven’t noticed our world has changed…all the picket fences are gone and nobody watches Leave It to Beaver anymore. Idiot. Continue reading

Help Hope Live

Picture1I have done a few fundraisers before and been fortunate enough to have had a good response that provided help where it was needed. This time, it is someone in my own family that is need. As many of you know, my Nephew Troy has been battling Cystic Fibrosis his entire life. He is 29 years old and an amazing young man. In the last 5 years his health and been failing rapidly and today he is in urgent need of a double transplant to save his life. He is currently pursuing evaluation at the University of Pittsburg Medical Center. Continue reading

Universal Background Checks

Expanding background checks? This system as it has long existed through NICS has never worked as the anti-gun establishment would have you believe it will. Less than one percent of all background checks ever done under the NICS have led to a purchase denial. Due to the lack of the ability of our enforcement agencies at the grass roots levels of our country to fund and feed the system, the current NICS database is only a fraction of what it would be if it functioned half as well as our anti-gun brothers and sisters believe it would. Continue reading

The Gun Debate

In the wake of all of the recently publicized mass killings, the debate should not be whether guns kill people or people kill people. Most of us do not believe that the most common tool of the trade is the problem anyway but that is a matter of personal opinion. The question we should all be asking is this…What kind of maniacal movement is occurring in this country that so enthusiastically glorifies evil?

To see a need and do nothing is to deny the uniquely human quality of compassion.

Nearly 4 years ago we asked for help in a fundraising initiative for the young children and grandchildren of two of my close colleagues who were killed in Afghanistan. These two men both served their country and their communities in and out of uniform and were playing a vital role in ensuring peace, stability and security for the Afghan people and the United States.   We didnt just ask friends, family and co-workers to help, we asked the public to look into their hearts and do whatever they could do. In the end, we raised nearly $30,000.  It wasnt my charming personality that made that happen, but rather  a sense of solidarity and compassion that came through and took on a life of its own. I knew then as I know now that it wouldnt be the last time we would ask for help for a fellow citizen.

In the wake of the worst flooding on the Florida Panhandle in more than 30 years a natural gas explosion at the Escambia County Central Booking and Detention Center in Pensacola killed two inmates and wounded more than a hundred inmates, corrections officers and staff. Among those on duty that night were Christopher and Shannon Hankinson. Shannon managed to escape without injury. Christopher was not so lucky and though he has survived, his injuries are very serious and he will require long term care and rehabilitation. Expenses for this family will be significant and they cant do it alone. We cant let them do it alone. I know alot of good people who serve Escambia County in Patrol and in Corrections. I dont know the Hankinsons but that doesnt matter much to me. What matters is that they need help and the Lord leads us to help where we can. It doesnt take much…better a little from a lot of people than a lot  from only a few people.  Dont look at it as helping someone you dont know, but rather as helping someone in need…a family in service to a community. Maybe it is not simply by chance that you are reading this. Click on the picture or the link below to help.

Hankinson Fund


Happy Anniversary Baby!

People often refer to their wedding day as the happiest day of their life. I guess that means that a marriage starts out on the highest of highs which suggests that everything else is downhill. We told each other before we got married that this was not the way it should be nor is it the way it is. The wedding is symbolic of a commitment to love one another, grow with each other and not give up on each other. In each successive day, week, month and year, that commitment is the mountain that we climb together. So our wedding day is truly just the beginning of our journey, and every step we walk together from that point on is an accomplishment…every anniversary is a major milestone. One day we will reach the top of that mountain…it will be the last day we share in these earthly bodies…and on that day we will be on highest of highs. Happy Anniversay! I love you Valerie.


Happy Birthday to My Little Lion

2133_1050366152812_8073_nIt was early March of 1991 and the war had just ended only days before. I think that when we first heard that it was over we all had visions of going home. Home for us was back to Germany and to our families. There was a euphoria that hit and we carried it around for several days but eventually it gave way to a more bitter reality…that we weren’t going to simply pack up and go home. These were still the days of snail mail and pay phones and in the middle of the desert in the wake of a war, there wasn’t much of either. Continue reading

Happy Birthday to My Little Goldfish

In January of 1990, I was a young Army Sergeant assigned to an Infantry Battalion at Warner Kaserne in Bamberg Germany. We lived on the first floor of a private home in Hirchaid, a beautiful Bavarian Village just off the Autobahn and about 8 miles south of the base. I loved it there and the family we rented from was very quiet and respectful of our space as we were of theirs. By this time my wife and our oldest daughter had been there for nearly a year and were about to welcome a new member into the family. I had adopted my oldest when she was already in grade school and I have never seen her as anything other than my daughter, but I had never experienced what it was like to bring a new life into the world. Continue reading

Is God Listening?

Why don’t he answer my prayers? I have prayed and prayed and nothing seems to change or get better in my life. I work more hours of my day than anything else I do and the days of my week are engaged more with survival than living.  Consumed by debt, I push and I pull and still never seem to make ends meet. My job is a sentence, not a career and I am more dependent on it than it is on me. There is nowhere to go from where I am. The benefits are few and no opportunities exist for promotion or bonus…no reward for longevity, performance or vision. I have long given up on my dreams and have resigned myself to a life with no purpose, to simply trudge my way along in this unforgiving world, a place where the means of life is defined by the immediate environment in which I am bound to exist. Continue reading

Merry Christmas to the Mrs.

Actions speak louder than words, they say, but sometimes a few words is plenty loud enough…so just in case my actions don’t say it clearly enough this year, let me throw this out there for you. Its been a wonderful year in more ways than one. I can say proudly and with confidence that the Lord is the spiritual center of my life and I am finally at peace. You have helped me with that in more ways than you know. You are, without exception, my favorite person…the physical and emotional center of my life. I love you with all my heart, and despite the thousands of miles and month after month of separation, we continue to learn each other and grow closer and closer every day.

It is an incredible thing to love so much. Some don’t understand it, some don’t want to and others never will. There are those who allow it to bring out the worst in them, while for many it brings out the best.  But the really incredible part and the only thing that really matters is this…I have you, you have me and we both have the Lord to praise for it! So on the day that we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, I reaffirm to you that through this sometimes dark and rugged exterior there is a Godly man that absolutely adores his wife. 

Merry Christmas to the Mrs…’cause I love you. 😉

Whats Happened To Christmas?

Once again it’s Christmas Eve and I sit by myself in deep thought,
A season, so true, has become much ado, not of Jesus, but of the presents to be bought.
There are stockings to be filled up with candy and under the tree will be toys,
And we’ll revive a miracle, not of Jesus, but of Santa, who brings joy to all good girls and boys.

Last minute shoppers out searching for deals will spend hours and hours at the mall,
To be the first one to get all the best and the latest, and they will spare no expense at all.
They pull and they push and they make a mad rush when the doors to the stores are unlocked,
It’s a scene of sheer chaos and of greed, even blasphemous, these crazy ideas we concoct.

The houses are lit up all down the streets with incredible shows of bright light,
And though, even then, at the most, one of ten has a manger scene even in sight.
And how many among us will actually pause for moment before dinner is served,
To say Grace to our Lord for giving us more than any of us ever deserved.

So many will think that my thoughts will confirm me a Grinch of the most miserable kind,
But in my mind it’s clear, that the thoughts that I fear are the falsehoods of Christmas I find.
Though the sights and the sounds of the holiday season promise seemingly endless delights,
It’s the spell of the indulgence that compels us to see our real gifts not as gifts but as rights.

Somehow we manage to pass it all off as the most wonderful time of the year,
But we have not much to say about Jesus’ day, at least not of what I can hear,
I wish someone would tell me with some sort of certainty how Christmas became just a word,
And how it became nothing less than insane, something totally and utterly absurd.

I hope and I pray that we all will, one day, see Christmas for what it is really worth,
That the reason we even have Christmas at all is to celebrate Jesus’ birth.
And that peace that we feel when we give Christmas morning is the true gift he’s given us all,
It’s a spirit of love that goes far and above any gift you can get from the mall.

Is Phil Robertson a REAL Christian?

 Reblogged from Chase Gentes:

This morning as I was driving into work I heard something pretty disturbing: “Duck Dynasty star suspended for anti-gay remarks.”


Obviously, the news did not go on to tell the whole story, just that ‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson had been indefinitely suspended from the A&E show. My curiosity was piqued.

As soon as I was able to look up the news article, I did.

Read more… 995 more words

Phil Robertson is No Hater

1503900_10152084087949604_1337896000_nIt is inconceivable to me that in this great country, nearly two and a half centuries after the founders declared independence “with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence”, that a man of faith must consider political fallout lest he be labeled a bigot, a zealot or even worse…a Christian. It’s a good thing that Phil Robertson is not a politician. If he was, he would very likely be making apologies for his faith and strong Christian values. Continue reading

Short Stories Reblogged: The Fairy and the Gryphon


It was the second time her mother called. She was always slow to rise from her perch in the mornings.

“Hurry now, your breakfast will evaporate and you will be late for school!”

“Coming mother.” She replied with a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

Lexi was a strong fairiality. She was very independent and a bit of a tom-fairy. She had heard tales all of her life of she-humans being powerful warriors and though she had never seen a she-human before, she aspired to be one.

As she made her way down from her perch to the breakfast branch, she overhead her father, a respected council member of the Chinderlings tribe, talking to her mother about the ceremony that was planned for that evening.

“Today, my dear, is a historical day. We have assessed many candidates and today we will select the best warrior from our tribe to flush the Gryphon from his lair on the Mountain of Caan.” Continue reading

Valerie Barnes: Stop Destroying Your Vessel!



Less than two months ago, my beautiful bride Valerie,  lost her Mother. She died much too early and though there were contributing circumstances, it was her lifelong smoking habit that was responsible. Valerie makes a strong case for caring for the “vessel” you have been lent to navigate this life to the next…not just for you but for your loved ones. Read on >>


Life is Good…But it Hasn’t Always Been

After my first marriage ended, I had time to think about whether or not I did the right thing. Its natural I think…not necessarily to second guess but to measure the consequences to everyone involved and ask yourself if it was worth it. I wondered if my ex-wife would be able to make it on her own. She is the mother of my children and though we would never be together again, I needed to know she was able to take care of herself. I wondered if I would be able to support myself, pay alimony and all our other obligations…kids and college and everything we had accumulated. I wondered how my kids would handle it. Continue reading

A Little Boy’s Exciting Miracle

For weeks, God the Father listened to the earnest, relentless prayers of seven-year-old Brian. I heard him pray for six to eight weeks every breakfast, every lunch, and every dinner, and of course, every evening prayers in the living room with his sisters.

“And God, I want a bicycle. Please, God, give me a bicycle.” Continue reading

Men this, Women that…

We are all imperfect humans. And the one thing we struggle with the most is humility whether we want to admit it or not. Its one of the greatest obstacles to building a relationship foundation. God would tell you that there is someone out there for everyone who would be willing to put in the time and effort, no matter what you think of the ones you  have encountered. Maybe you haven’t been selective enough with your choices lately but the worst thing you can do is let cynical self-centered thinking dictate the rest of your life. God doesn’t make mistakes.

Financing Taxidermy

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