A Special Time

Erin and Sarah Darville

This was for Betsy and Travis as they welcomed their first child, Jackson, into the world. 

Hi guys!

I know this is a very special time for you guys, but if you will indulge me, I will offer you a little parenting advice…

Many years from now, when you are sitting in the living room at three in the morning, having just found out that little Jackson (who won’t be so little any more), “lost track of time”… remember how special this time was.

When your neighbor calls you and tells you that she just saw Jackson and his buddies doing triple gainers off the Bayou Texar bridge…remember how special this time was.

When you get home from work and get that phone message that says… “This is to notify you that your child was not in school today…” remember how truly special this time was.

When you swear that the pretty pink toilet paper on the neighbors freshly rolled house looks just like the new 8 pack of Charmin you bought (and cant find)…remember…this is a special time.

When your youngest child (thats a whole different ball of wax there) wakes you up at 2 AM and tells you that Jackson just went out the window to “go to the hospital”…you guessed it..a special time.

When a strange woman calls you on Jacksons cell phone and tells you she found it and his wallet in the parking lot of a liquor store…no question about it…special!

When you walk out to the car in the morning and whats left of the front end is tied on with shoelaces…remember Betsy…special…very special.

When you open the door and the Deputy says…”Are you Jackson Caddell’s mother?”… just remember how special this time was.

God Bless you guys! Life is just about to get really fun and interesting. From now on, you will need patience, patience and patience…and a little luck wouldn’t hurt.


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