Joe Jacoby
Feb 27, 1961-June 13, 2012

I lost my brother Joe on Wednesday morning, 13 June 2012. I lost him before I ever got the opportunity to really know him. Never take for granted the time you have to spend with family. Cherish every opportunity to get to know those who should be the closest to you in your life. We missed our opportunities in life Joe, and I am truly sorry for that, but by the Grace of God, we will have another opportunity…one day.



One thought on “Joe

  1. I’m sorry to know that.. May his soul rest in peace.. but hey, look at the bright part. He’s in a better place now! and you might not know, but I’m sure he’s happier there.. 🙂 Plus, his memories will always be with you, and he’s still with you. He’ll guide you as an angel from above.. By they way, thanks for the advice. It makes me to think and yeah, I would spend all the time I have for my loved ones. I wouldn’t take them for granted. You take care, and have a great day ahead 🙂

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