The Fairy and the Gryphon


It was the second time her mother called. She was always slow to rise from her perch in the mornings.

“Hurry now, your breakfast will evaporate and you will be late for school!”

“Coming mother.” She replied with a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

Lexi was a strong fairiality. She was very independent and a bit of a tom-fairy. She had heard tales all of her life of she-humans being powerful warriors and though she had never seen a she-human before, she aspired to be one.

As she made her way down from her perch to the breakfast branch, she overhead her father, a respected council member of the Chinderlings tribe, talking to her mother about the ceremony that was planned for that evening.

“Today, my dear, is a historical day. We have assessed many candidates and today we will select the best warrior from our tribe to flush the Gryphon from his lair on the Mountain of Caan.”

“Father, why do we wish to flush the Gryphon?” asked Lexi.

“Eat your nectar, dear.” said her mother.

Her father was eager to explain.

“That Lair, and in fact, the entire Mountain is covered with sacred stones. We need those stones to form the walls of our domain. Their magical energy will protect us from invaders and keep us safe so that we may live in peace and happily ever after.”

Lexi was captivated.

“Go on, father, please, I want to hear more!”

Lexi’s father was quite the storyteller and he graciously continued. (more)


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