When Fairies Dance

Once long ago in a land no one knows by the light of the Strawberry moon, the last evil King of the land of all fairies was finally forced from the throne.

Though some were distraught and a few, quite a lot, the masses resorted to cheers, relieved to have hope and to more than just cope, with a peace that had conquered their fears.

It was not very long before drink and a song, celebrating the fall of unrest, was an annual tribute to freedom they called the Strawberry Moon Fairy Land Fest.

From the music of praise arose many good days, and the honor bestowed and adorned, was a rhythm, the hallmark of Celtic Reel dancing and a new fairy legend was born.

That Strawberry moon that rises in June, a natural event that by chance, is a legendary once a year phenomenon known as the nights when fairies dance.



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