True Inspiration

Before I press on with my next assignment, I have to share something a little personal that might explain the recent flurry of activity on my part with respect to my blog. I have cited numerous influences in my passion for reading and writing, highlighting two important people who have inspired me in a way that neither ever even knew. One was my brother who recently passed away. Just knowing that he wrote stories and poetry and that we did not have enough time on this earth together to share that interest is initially heartbreaking, though ultimately motivating. And then there was my English teacher from my senior year who never gave up on me, though I was ready to throw the towel in on her midway through the first semester. These are two of the many who have given me reason to write.

Despite having people along the way who have contributed, motivated and inspired me, my ‘desire to’ and my ‘get-r-done’ were not on the same page. Still, having my own blog was something I always wanted and now that I have three of them, I can focus on making them better, improving my skills and sharing my world. The real good news is that I finally have the energy and the motivation to actually write in them more than once a year and I have to give nearly all of the credit for that to the beautiful woman who has recently claimed my heart, Miss Valerie. Both of us were in long marriages considered successful by all outward appearances, but on the inside it was a very different story. In the wake of our respective divorces, our friendship unexpectedly blossomed into something that neither of us imagined or even wanted. Our relationship became more personal, fed by a mutual desire for intellectual conversation and a favorable balance of psychological, emotional and spiritual need. That combination of words used together in the same paragraph often spells trouble and true enough, we continue to “learn each other” every day. There is certainly a passion in the way we disagree but we endure and in the end we thrive, having gained a better understanding of each other and ultimately, a much deeper love and respect. I had a chance to see her on a recent trip back to my company headquarters in Florida, ending what was a sometimes painful streak of long distance bonding. It was an important step for both of us. If someone had told me this would happen a few months back, I would have insisted on a mental health evaluation…not for me, for them.

One of the greatest aspects of our relationship is that we share a common need to express ourselves in the written word and fortunately, our blogs and other social media give us the opportunity to do that openly. Neither of us can explain it but we both realize just how powerful it is. Though she still lacks some confidence in her own ability, I am awed when she writes. Be it an encouraging thought or a sobering poem, I always know that it is skillfully crafted to the best of her ability and that her heart is behind every word. I look forward to reading her blog entries and her contributions to both Citizen Plain and The Plain Report.

She encourages me to be creative and to take risks which is who I am by nature, just not who I have been able to be before now. She sees my words as a gift to her and often tells me how selfish she feels to receive so much and yet give so little. The reality is that her gift to me easily eclipses any that I ever gave to her and is something I gave up on long ago. With her, I am free to be who I really am.

We are dreamers, she and I, in the grandest sense of the word and we find ourselves at a point in our lives that most people would consider their lowest…yet, together, we have more achievable hopes and dreams than we ever had apart. And so, for us a new chapter in the Book of Life begins, one that brings us peace and countless opportunities to inspire others…and each other as we dare to live out our dream.

Moving on from Divorce


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