Nobody said it was easy

Life can be pretty one-sided. Sometimes you just have to accept it and know that there will be those in your life that you love who will deny you and forget who you are and why you are there. You will never be able to give enough, to do enough or to say enough. Nothing you do or have ever done for them will ever make you worthy enough or your feelings valuable enough for them to listen and try to understand your point of view, though they will never miss an opportunity to give you theirs. They will take you for granted, remind you of your failures and never admit that you were ever there for them. They will reject the good times, keep you wondering and break your heart with words. As hard and as painful as it is to get there, when you can accept it all without anger in your heart, you can truly have peace.

I’m not there yet.


3 thoughts on “Nobody said it was easy

  1. Anger, sorrow, happiness…, I believe they all equally deserve and need their spot in our lives and hearts, as long as they all are given some space now and then :). Love your blog, so interesting to follow your thoughts around!

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