On Being Right…

Be right because you did the right thing and not just for the sake of being right.


8 thoughts on “On Being Right…

  1. Whenever I do the right thing I am always right because that is the nature of being right, because it is the right thing doesn’t make it right but the satisfaction of being right is a plus, nonetheless. I have been right several times when I suffered from the action but that in no way discouraged me from expressing or asserting or standing up for what is right in the future.

    • I suppose I can understand that. I have just noticed that many are less interested in doing the noble right, the hard right…the right that benefits others despite being personally difficult and less satisfying…as opposed to doing something because it suits their ego. So I guess for me, it comes down to a very simply test when faced with right or right. I ask myself, which is selfish and which is selfless. I never worry about it discouraging me from doing the right thing either…inherently, it wont.

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