Plain Truth: Where I Stand

In years past, I have never been to too far from a good debate, so today as the AARP invitations litter my inbox, I tend to keep my back to the wall and my eyes on the door. On a personal level, those who know me or have worked with me have always identified with me as being kind, fair, a hard worker and someone inclined to think big…maybe too big at times. I am not an outwardly emotional personal and am not likely to make emotional decisions. I am a decision maker by nature and once I have given it some thought and committed to it, that’s pretty much it, though I am not opposed to admitting it when I am wrong, and I am wrong a lot. My kids may likely have regarded me as someone that could relate to the challenges of being a kid but at times very hard on them, pushing them to do more to succeed, often at the expense of their… Continue Reading >


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