Its a boy!!

Well, it is… he just hasn’t been born yet! My daughter, who was late herself just 23 short years ago, has entered her 38th week of pregnancy (this was originally posted on 24 October so she is much further along than that now). This is a child who at her largest barely tipped the scales at 110 pounds, so to say that I had my doubts that she would go full term is an understatement. My youngest daughter was also late and so there seems to be some genetic predisposition to fetal hibernation in our family. That said, I, myself, am having difficulty sleeping lately. I dont know if it is concern for my Grandson and his Mother, the anticipation of being a Grandfather, the new job or too much election year media hype. More to follow…I need another expresso.

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6 thoughts on “Its a boy!!

  1. Babies are late in my family, too! All three of mine were past their due dates. I got a lot done in those extra days to help pass the time… They all turned out healthy! All the best to your family!
    Blessings ~ Wendy

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