A cause worth dying for

A fateful mid September day defines the World we live,
as all mankind bore witness to a crime it can’t forgive.

And on this day a nation cried for all of those we lost,
We vowed to bring them justice and avenge them at all cost.

As our tears ran cold in anger and all the world embraced our hand,
The foe impugned our meddling ways across the promised land.

Such foolish haste to celebrate the battle they had won,
As warships start their engines, mass their troops and load their guns.

Our foe and us, we’re much the same, a fact we can’t deny,
Like them, we wake the giant and then we send our sons to die.

And through our bitter fight our battle cry, Let Freedom ring,
Avenging those we lost and liberating those in chains.

But soon the cost of freedom takes a devastating toll,
And the long forgotten anger is now reduced to brushfire poll.

A sense of trepidation as we lay to rest more dead,
And there’s no one left to hold our hand or join the charge we’ve led.

And in the end our bitter war of justice has been waged,
It bequeathed rhetoric fodder in debate we’ve now engaged.

How soon we all forget the foe that tore our hearts away,
Who held our freedom hostage on that bright September day.

Though many days have come and gone and time has eased the pain,
We’ve fought so hard and come too far to let them die in vain.

We’ve come to understand our fight is not to even scores,
But to spread the cause of freedom, as it was with all our wars.

The greater growth our world achieves the lesser are our days,
As cultures clash and zealots seek to spread their evil ways.

The best defense that we can have to keep our nation free,
Is an offense born of sound ideals and true democracy.

In all of this there yet remains, one point to get across
That others gain a chance at freedom through our Nations loss.

Not only do we guard the way of life we’ve built ourselves,
But we also free a people who cannot defend themselves.

And that’s a cause for which we stand with those who died at war,
for those that mid September day, a cause worth dying for.


© 2012 Ken Darville

Reblogged from Citizen Plain


6 thoughts on “A cause worth dying for

  1. …others gain a chance at freedom through our Nation’s loss. That’s my favorite line in this outstanding entry. God bless our veterans, our troops, and our nation. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

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