Thoughts from afar

So often you grace all my senses,
So softly you handle my heart,
My head is unclear, in my thoughts so much fear,
of me ruining it before it even starts.

It must be the harsh separation,
And needing to be closer to you,
I am sure it’s just love that my fear is made of,
And for once I don’t know what to do.

So I sit and I think and I wonder,
Are my feelings of anxiousness true,
Should I stay or just go and accept what I know,
That I cant live my life without you.

So I’m lost, like a bird in its likeness,
Looking back at the flat window pane,
And longing so much for the chance just to touch,
That I peck my reflection in vain.

And despite all of the pressures of waiting,
through all of the days we are apart,
The one thing I know, and Im telling you so,
Is I love you with all of my heart.

© 2012 Ken Darville . All Rights Reserved

Reblogged from Citizen Plain


3 thoughts on “Thoughts from afar

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