Cystic Fibrosis

Troy needs your prayers. He is in the Hospital in Jax….having a very tough time.

Citizen Plain

This cause needs every research funding advantage it can get. With all of the ridiculous uses of taxpayer dollars in the federal budget, Cystic Fibrosis research is not even funded, yet it is a real and immediate threat to the lives of those who suffer with it every day. This is not simply another chronic disease…relative to many other funded diseases, chronic would be an upgrade for CF patients. Ill post another link where you can read a summary about CF…and then I want you to imagine being a 25 years old and having to take a hand full of pills every meal just to help you digest your food.  How would it be to  have to do breathing treatments three or four times a day just to keep the airway somewhat clear and hopefully deliver some measure of protection for your lungs against infection. Imagine having a miserable and…

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