Out there…Somewhere…

Out there, somewhere, there is still a place where all of the creatures of this earth are instinctively drawn. The allure is an undeniable force of nature, the pursuit, an often denied reward. In this place there is wholesome food, pure water and clean air. There is indescribable beauty and an unwavering peace among all citizens. Violence is not born of ideological differences, religion or race, but rather a provision for food and defense of the home, a den or space. For some, it is a birthright…for others, our heritage. It is a precious gift from God to all of us and for many centuries we have been blessed with its abundance. Today we have proven ourselves unworthy and unfit as stewards of such a gift. While our forests are dying, our air is warming and our rivers bleed, we ignore our instincts to, instead, follow our ambitions. What will become of our World when we have squandered our gift away? We came from the land, so shall we go with it.


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