Who Needs Luck?

sepia2signedTo some, I might seem like  a lucky guy, but I don’t agree.  I am certainly happy but I  don’t think it has anything to do with luck.

I can honestly say that I am married to my favorite person in the world…my best friend and partner in life. She is the lifeline I needed in the back stretch to fifty.
I  am the father of 3 beautiful daughters and the stepfather of 2 fine young men.  I have my  “adopted” children too, and you know who you are. We have 3 incredible Grandsons between us and though I had heard it before from others,  I now know it to be true…Grandkids change everything. As much as I missed with my daughters as they were growing up, it is very important to me that can I devote time to the Grandchildren…to go hiking, hunting and fishing like I did as a boy. I want to go to their baseball games and birthday parties and most of all, I want to be there for them when they need their Grandpa. That’s something I never knew as a boy…a Grandpa or a Papa.

I have an incredibly heroic nephew who has endured an terrible disease his entire life and is still one of the strongest, yet funniest guys I know. He simply amazes me.  I have my parents that raised me, my mother who gave birth to me, sisters and brothers and the gift of memories old and new. I have excellent health and all of my hair although it has taken on a bit of a silverish hue.

I have  beaten alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. I have overcome anger and hopelessness, hate and contempt…replacing it with happiness, familydetermination, humility and peace. I have reached a place in my life and my relationship with God where I  can look up in the sky and see the darkest of storm clouds and know that behind them lie the clearest blue skies I will ever see.  My faith is stronger than it has ever been and I know now that God truly does have a plan for my life. I know, too, that the greatest obstacle in fulfilling that plan is me. The longer I fight it, the clearer it becomes, but the Lord has been patient and the fight in me is almost gone. Like everyone else, my life has had its ups and downs and it seems like we will never get caught up, never have any peace and never quite reach our goals or fulfill our dreams. But what I have learned in recent years is that  life should never be wasted worrying about everything that is wrong with it. And so I turned it over to God and got busy working out the logistics to all those dreams I needed to fulfill! I decided that I need to stop reaching for it and instead…get up there and grab it!

So I dont think it has anything to do with luck…its about the blessings in my life. My wife, my children, my grandchildren and all of  my family. And mostly…its about my relationship with God. Thats is where my blessings come from and with that many true blessings, who needs luck?


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