Another Holiday

The Warrior sits all by himself,
alone but in deep thought,
inside, his heart is broken
but outside he’s hard as rock.

A wife, a son and daughter too,
the ones hes left behind,
will pay with another holiday,
as their Warrior will, in kind.

No tears are shed, no words are said,
and like every other tour,
he walks the limits of his post,
and keeps the base secure.

Come rain or shine, come sleet or snow,
he never drops his guard,
no rocket blasts or hail of fire,
will keep him from his charge.

It might not be of thought to some,
the price this warrior pays,
with hearts not near as heavy
as they enjoy their holidays.

Their families all together,
all the priceless time availed,
while the warrior and his loved ones
make the payments without fail.

As hard as rock, as strong as steel
on any other day,
his heart would not be near as soft,
and he might have more to say.

But he sits alone with thoughts of home,
that torment him inside,
a broken heart so deeply hidden by a Warriors pride.

And still he goes when duty calls,
and the sacrafice he makes,
is a shared one with his loved ones on, yet…another holiday.




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