To see a need and do nothing is to deny the uniquely human quality of compassion.

Nearly 4 years ago we asked for help in a fundraising initiative for the young children and grandchildren of two of my close colleagues who were killed in Afghanistan. These two men both served their country and their communities in and out of uniform and were playing a vital role in ensuring peace, stability and security for the Afghan people and the United States.   We didnt just ask friends, family and co-workers to help, we asked the public to look into their hearts and do whatever they could do. In the end, we raised nearly $30,000.  It wasnt my charming personality that made that happen, but rather  a sense of solidarity and compassion that came through and took on a life of its own. I knew then as I know now that it wouldnt be the last time we would ask for help for a fellow citizen.

In the wake of the worst flooding on the Florida Panhandle in more than 30 years a natural gas explosion at the Escambia County Central Booking and Detention Center in Pensacola killed two inmates and wounded more than a hundred inmates, corrections officers and staff. Among those on duty that night were Christopher and Shannon Hankinson. Shannon managed to escape without injury. Christopher was not so lucky and though he has survived, his injuries are very serious and he will require long term care and rehabilitation. Expenses for this family will be significant and they cant do it alone. We cant let them do it alone. I know alot of good people who serve Escambia County in Patrol and in Corrections. I dont know the Hankinsons but that doesnt matter much to me. What matters is that they need help and the Lord leads us to help where we can. It doesnt take much…better a little from a lot of people than a lot  from only a few people.  Dont look at it as helping someone you dont know, but rather as helping someone in need…a family in service to a community. Maybe it is not simply by chance that you are reading this. Click on the picture or the link below to help.

Hankinson Fund



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