Faith in Yourself (Listen to Your Heart)

Have you ever asked God to give you a sign? Maybe you just wanted confirmation about something, possibly an opportunity that was presented or an idea but you were not sure if you should attempt it….and then you second guessed yourself until you finally talked yourself out of it completely.Maybe it was a life long dream that you wanted to fulfill, but could not seem to muster the courage to take the risks. If only you could see in to the future, maybe then you would know what to do, right? Of course but it doesn’t work that way. The only reasonable assurances you will ever have that you will achieve your goals is to have a vision of it, a plan for it and enough faith in yourself to go after it. It requires a heavy dose of faith… not just your spiritual faith but faith in yourself. How many dreams will remain dreams because we did not have enough faith in ourselves? Most of them and that’s what brings us to God asking for a sign.

As a man of faith who grows closer to God every day, I have begun to realize that those signs are all around us. Until you have faith in God, you will never see them and until you have faith in yourself, you will likely never pursue them.

(Proverbs 16:9 – A man’s heart devises his way: but the LORD directs his steps.)

I have never before in my life believed so much in what I believe in now. I have direction and a new energy that comes from it. Metaphorically speaking, I am still uncertain of exactly where it will end as the details are not clear, but the general direction is as clear as creek water. I don’t know what awaits, I just know which way to go as the signs have been more and more clear. Still, like most others, I must have more faith in myself, lest I stand here forever, knowing the direction to go, yet being unwilling to go there.

I have known for many years that God had a plan for my life. He must…Many times I should not have survived, yet I am here. I should not question it because over and over again I am reminded of it in ways that would be unbelievable to most people.

A few days ago I saw a video of a young boy who carried his little brother on his back for 40 miles. Many of you probably saw the same video. The younger was born with Cerebral Palsy and the pair sought to draw attention to this debilitating disease. I posted it to my Facebook page with a status that said, “When your mind tells you over and over that you cant, listen to your heart telling you that you can!”

Immediately the thought that popped into my head was something that I speak of often, yet seldom do myself, so later I thought…practice what you preach Ken…practice what you preach!

That was not enough to convince me that God was speaking directly to me until last night and though it was subtle, it was very clear.

I was listening to Youtube as I often do…John Mayer, Todd Pritchard and a myriad of others doing acoustic covers. By chance I saw a guy named Igor Presnyakov…another awesome finger style player. I play finger style as well (I rarely use a pick). Im not nearly as good as Igor, in fact, I am quite amateur, but I was fascinated with his technique. The first video I watched of him playing absolutely captivated me. I knew the song but had not heard it for years. I was absolutely blown away and listened to it over and over again before it occurred to me what I was listening to…and that’s when it sank in.

The name of the song…Listen to your Heart.

It may seem a coincidence to many but to me, it is a small example that only represents the many signs that I see around me everyday giving me direction in my life…signs that confirm my faith in God. With that faith comes a determination to have more faith in myself…because the truth is, there is not much I can not do and I am ready to prove it to myself!


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