Help Hope Live

Picture1I have done a few fundraisers before and been fortunate enough to have had a good response that provided help where it was needed. This time, it is someone in my own family that is need. As many of you know, my Nephew Troy has been battling Cystic Fibrosis his entire life. He is 29 years old and an amazing young man. In the last 5 years his health and been failing rapidly and today he is in urgent need of a double transplant to save his life. He is currently pursuing evaluation at the University of Pittsburg Medical Center. We have already begun a fundraising effort to help with expenses that insurance/medicare will not cover which could be extensive, moreso than we even know at this point. For all who have already given in this urgent time of need, thank you. The campaign is still only at 20% of the initial goal and time is running out. Troys life is dependent on this transplant evaluation so please visit the campaign page at the HelpHOPELive website. HHL is a legitimate and highly successful organization that helps with fundraising for immediate needs, ie, transplant and catastrophic illness or injury.Funds raised through HelpHOPELive have helped more than 2,300 patients receive a transplant, and have provided more than $56 million in financial support to cover unmet transplant expenses. We all know there are plenty of scams out there and this is why Michelle chose HelpHOPELive….they specialize in transplants and they are highly accountable for every dollar. Go to their website and see for yourself, then check out for updates. We have a forum page on the site now and would love for you to post your comments and greetings here and/or on Troy’s Helphopelive Campaign page!


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